# Prague School of Bioethics

How to get to Prague School of Bioethics 2022?

  • • The path to the Prague School of Bioethics is simple. Just get off at the last station of the green metro line: Motol Hospital (Nemocnice Motol). After getting off, go straight ahead. You will pass through the metro background, then enter the hospital and walk straight to the stairs (approximately 100 m in total). You will descend the stairs and follow the posters.

  • • 1. Take a green metro line. Travel to terminus station “Nemocnice Motol” (Motol hospital).

  • • Red circle: destination – Prague School of Bioethics 2022

  • • Blue circle: Main train station.

  • • Green circle: Connection to the airport.

  • • 2. There is only one possible route from the end station. Go straight ahead.

  • • 3. Simply go straight ahead and enter the hospital.

  • • 4. Then go down the stairs and follow the posters to “1S”.

Do you need more information about this event? You can ask directly Mgr. et Mgr. Martin Zielina, Ph.D.

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